Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


Phoenix Responsibility

Ensuring the long-term sustainability of our firm, our clients’ investments and the communities where we live and work.

Our philosophy

As a fiduciary for our clients, our focus is long-term sustainability. We aim to be a good corporate citizen and operating with integrity is central to how we do business. We help build economies and communities locally by taking into account environmental, social and governance issues. Long-term responsibility and sustainability are integrated into our business model to achieve strategic advantages for our stakeholders.

Human capital

The long-term sustainability of our firm depends on our people.

Our commitment

As an asset management firm, the long-term sustainability of our firm is heavily dependent on our people and our people is a key source of competitive advantage and ultimately, profitability. We do need to sure that our workforce has the right mix of people, with appropriate skills and experiences, allowing the business to compete effectively and innovatively. We view our people as a business asset, rather than just a cost. Each year, we set corporate objectives specifically related to human capital. We achieve these objectives through specific programs and initiatives related to culture, inclusion and diversity and employee development, retention and recruiting.

Strong firm culture

As we pursue our mission to create better financial futures for our clients, we are guided by our culture and our principles.  Our five basis principles are:

  • Meritocracy
  • Integrity
  • Ideas and Investment excellence
  • Customer focus
  • Innovation.

“Culture tells our people what to do when I’m not in my room”

(Zeya Thura Mon, CEO, Phoenix)

Environmental sustainability

Using resources responsibly to support the long-term sustainability of our firm and the environment in which we live and operate.

Our commitment

Phoenix is deliberate in our commitment to using our resources responsibly to support the long-term sustainability of our firm and of the environment in which we and our clients live and operate. In the same way that humans and animals leave physical footprints that show where they have been, so Phoenix tries to leave good evidence of our operations in the environment.

We interact with our society in a responsible manner by providing good remuneration package and good working environment, paying suppliers promptly, fiduciary to our clients, undertaking charitable works for our community and minimizing the damage to the environment caused by our firm.

Ethics and integrity

Phoenix maintains a reputation for conducting its business activities to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Setting high standards

Our reputation for integrity is one of our most important assets. We hold ourselves to standards that not only meet those required by the laws and regulations that apply to us, but also to our principles, which are rooted in exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Business conduct and ethics

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets out basic principles to guide employee conduct. The code is supported by employee conduct policies and programs and reinforced through employee training.

We have zero tolerance in relation to illegal or unethical conduct including conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment, money laundering and terrorism, fraud, sanctions, outside activities, political contributions, and bribery and corruption. Any employee who violates the requirements of the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, or many of our other policies, is subject to disciplinary action.

Phoenix expects the same high ethical standards to conduct appropriate due diligence on our business partners according to the risks they present, including corruption risk.  

Phoenix’s Supplier Code of Conduct & Ethics outlines the minimum expectations and standards for selecting suppliers based on some ethical criteria such as support of “fair trade” principles, human rights, inclusion and diversity, environmental sustainability, integrity and ethics in management practices.

“Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code, high moral virtue”

(Zeya Thura Mon, CEO, Phoenix)

Health and safety

Protecting the health and safety of our employees within and beyond our office space.

Our commitment

Phoenix is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees. To do this, all programs are designed with the most stringent regulations in mind to meet or exceed all local requirements. We also focus on the design and operations of our facilities to deliver a safe and comfortable space for our employees and visitors. We integrate environmental and occupational health and safety compliance throughout the firm to ensure that we are operating at the highest standard.

Our approach

Phoenix provides all employees with Health & Safety workplace training programs to cover both general and function specific Health and Safety knowledge. Phoenix takes care not only health and safety of our employees but also clients, contractors and visitors to our offices and events.

Investment Stewardship

Protecting our clients' assets for the long term

The Phoenix Investment Stewardship team is a centralized resource for portfolio managers. In our stewardship work we aim to:

  1. Protect and enhance the wealth of our clients' assets
  2. Encourage business and management practices that support sustainable financial performance over the long-term
  3. Provide specialist insight on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations to all investment strategies. 

This approach ensures that Phoenix can most effectively use its voice as a long-term, actively engaged shareholder to protect the economic interests of our clients.